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e: Lakewood Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 5AD


 Provide you with an honest, trustworthy and reliable service
Our clients feel they can trust us, because we have an open and honest relationship with them. They trust DTL to work within agreed cost, quality and time constraints.


 Build a long-term, loyal relationship with you
We aim to fully understand, and proactively meet your needs, for the long-term. You will be guided through the accounts, tax and other financial aspects of your business in a straightforward manner.

You need to feel free to call us at any time you want to discuss a business matter. To encourage this, we will offer you a fixed fee arrangement, so that you pay a set price for the year, without worrying about how often you pick up the phone.


 Treat your business as if it is our business
We care about your business questions and issues, as if they are our own, and believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

From DTL you will get the service you want, rather than the service which your accountant might think you want. We are happy to provide you with as much or as little help as you feel you need.


 Provide a one-stop shop accountancy and taxation service
In addition to the wide range of services which our team can provide, we also work closely with a number of hand-picked specialists, in a range of fields (e.g. Pensions, Financial Planning, Company Valuations)

This means that when you come to us, you will get the best possible advice in all areas (with the expertise and support you need) but you only pay for their time when you need them.


 Strive to impress you with the service we provide
We want to provide you with the best possible service. Most of our clients approach us following a recommendation, and stay with us for many years.


 Are dynamic in our adoption of technology and new methods
By our use of leading technologies (our paperless office software, and use of voice recognition software), our operation is more slick and efficient than many of our competitors. This means that you get better value for money and do not pay for expensive overheads.


 Offer you the benefits of a local service
Our client base is mainly drawn from the local area (Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester and Romsey). Being local means our clients can have face to face conversations with us about their business, and we can get to know the business better.

However, we also have a number of loyal clients who have stayed with us, despite moving as far afield as Spain, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa and the USA!


 Provide you with an informative monthly newsletter
Our clients give us very positive feedback about our monthly newsletter, which keeps them up to date with relevant changes in the fields of taxation, accountancy, employment law etc. The newsletter reminds them of key dates for tax payments and submissions in the following month. Each newsletter is now tailored to the relevant areas of interest of individual clients.


 Offer you professional fee insurance in the event of an HMRC enquiry
Our clients can take advantage of professional fee insurance which means that if they are unlucky enough to be selected for an enquiry or investigation by HMRC, then the cost of DTL defending them is covered by this insurance.

This means that the client will not be discouraged from fighting their case due to the cost. It also gives them access to a free helpline for employment/HR, health and safety and commercial legal support.


 Aim to represent the ‘best practice’ defined by the ACCA and CTA
Our team comprises members of several professional bodies. So, we are well-qualified, with expertise in a range of different areas. This ensures that we maintain high standards and keep up to date with ‘best practice’ in the fast-changing world of financial and taxation legislation.


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